Stock Market Trend & Signal - How to Understand

There are some tips and tricks to understand trends and signals of a stock market. These signs and signals can help you understand what are the right stocks to buy and when, when to sell stocks and when to hold stocks.

Here are some proven tips and suggestions to understand the signals of stock market:

Understanding Stock Market Signals
  1. Bullish Market: If there some good news about a company or stock, people will buy the stocks with the hope that more buying will follow that will raise the price. Many investors will do this. But there is a saturation point to everything. Once people have invested all their savings, there won't be any more buying of these stocks. This will stop the stock from raising.Try to understand this saturation point and liquidate your stock and book profit.
  2. Political & Economic Conditions: Stock market is very emotional. It fears poor economic and political situation. If there is economic crisis in the country or there is political uncertainty, it is a signal to stay ways from the stock market.
  3. Too Many IPOs: If there is listing of too many IPOs on a premium in a very short period of time, stay away from them. The value of such IPOs will come down very soon.

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