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Share trading, stock trading, mutual fund, stock markets are all terms of investment. These investment tools help to invest your savings in the growth of an economy by becoming shareholder of a company and help your money grow with growth of economy and companies.

Beginners to investment need to understand the basics of share trading and how to invest in stock market. Proper study and research is a must for a profitable investment and to avoid loss.

Share trading is all about making wise decisions as to when to buy shares, when to sell shares and whether or not to hold shares of a company.

This website is designed to help beginners understand the basics fundamentals of share trading and stock market and invest their money wisely and make profit. Investors who have some gained some experience in share trading may also find this website very helpful.

Explore following articles to learn all about share trading and stock market.

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  5. There has always been a little risk on doing mutual funds investment online. Whether you are a beginning investor or an expert, you'll only need to know a few basic things before buying mutual funds.